Thursday, October 29, 2009

Politicians Butt In

Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg was no fan of the $58 billion federal rescue of General Motors Co., saying he worried taxpayer money would be wasted and the restructuring process would be vulnerable to "political pressure." Now the lawmaker says it's his "patriotic duty" to wade into GM's affairs.

His logic is curious: he opposed the bailout because of possible political pressure, and now he exercises political pressure -- for patriotic reasons, of course.

Along with Montana's two Democratic senators, the Republican congressman is battling to get GM to reinstate a contract with a Montana palladium mine nullified in bankruptcy court. "The simple fact is, when GM took federal dollars, they lost some of their autonomy," Mr. Rehberg says.

'xactly. Not that his are the only hands in where they should not be.

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